JDU’s business team has gathered more than 300 elites of the industry, who on average, has at least one year of experience in the sector. They are enthusiastic and have unique insight and foresight when working with our clients. The team is divided into 9 major independent business groups according to different brands and regions. The groups have rich practical experience in fabric development, brand operation and business operation system, and make full use of the high-quality resources of the company's R&D department to continuously develop new products, to master the core competitive factors, strictly control cost, and strive for sources of high-quality surface materials at more competitive prices, so as assist our clients to achieve a win-win situation.


JDU is a major company in the fashion industry, known for its ability to take on large orders from well known fashion brands around the world and being able to meet these orders rapidly with good quality products. We attribute this to our lively and flexible business team. Our strategy is to have small teams under the large corporate structure so that various teams can still offer customized services even as the company is developing, and being able to meet the final needs and demands of different clients.

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